Battle Blades Wolf Hawk Tops Knives Battle Blades Review

Sometimes the stars align and a particular product seems to come along at just the right time and in just the right place. When this happens, part of you might ask, why didn’t I think of that, but conversely you are glad that someone did. The Battle Blades Wolf Hawk by TOPS Knives USA is one such product. It is a solid knife that offers both a unique capability of off the weapon deployment and an ingenious retention system that offers a level of security far beyond any other that I am familiar with.
The Wolf Hawk is a high quality and attractive medium sized blade it is of course very durable which is exactly what one would expect from TOPS Knives. The Micarta handle is slender configuration but offers ample grip for even the largest of hands when performing either delicate or more aggressive work. But that’s not all.

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Combat readiness, weapon selection, ease of use, are not just words to be used in the movies. On the battle field when it really matters these words have meaning and save lives. These are the words I would also use to describe the best combat knife I have ever used, the MP4 Wolf Hawk. The MP4 Wolf Hawk mounts securely and effortlessly on the side of any rail system. The Wolf Hawk mounted on the side of my M4 sits within easy reach, and within my field of vision. Understanding that seconds count, the MP4 Wolf Hawk, helps complete the definition of combat readiness, weapon selection and ease of use.

Capt Gordon Birch
U.S. Army, Infantry
We here at Quality Arms Idaho are always looking for new products to enhance the AR platform and in our opinion the Battle Blade knife system for the AR is one such product. Not only is it made tough with its its superior steel and construction, it is a US made product with quality that is far superior to those cheap knock offs from other suppliers. It is also made in Idaho which is another reason we at Quality Arms Idaho recognizes Battle Blades as a superior quality manufacturer. With new products for the AR platform coming onto the market we here at Quality Arms Idaho will be releasing the Battle Storm series of weapons shortly and the Battle Blade knife system will be prominent in the style.

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