About Us

DSC_0273It is the goal of Battle Blades to offer a unique, well thought out knife system for military personnel, gun enthusiasts, and outdoors men and women.

When creator Kelly Van Orden came up with the idea for Battle Blades he had two goals in mind. The first was to create a foundation for veterans that will be set up with the profits from battle blades to give back to our service men and women. The Battle Blades Foundation will help veterans financially and with a variety of programs including “Weapons for Warriors”, a program that will help veterans obtain sporting rifles and other sporting goods.

The second goal was to develop a knife system for picatinny rails that would provide military users a valuable weapon for close combat and a way to cut netting or other lines that could potentially entrap soldiers in the field. By having the knife on the picatinny rail, it would be less likely that the user would become separated from the knife than conventional systems. Also we want to have a multi-platform system that will allow the user to carry his or her knife in a conventional belt/strap type scabbard as well as mounting system for ATV racks ect.

Patent Pending